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Why endorsement radio?

A 2014 Clear Channel/University of Southern California study asked 2,700 respondents about their favorite radio personalities.

Six out of 10 listeners in the survey say radio hosts are “like a friend,” whose opinions they trust. And listeners equate an on-air personality endorsement to a friend’s recommendation, more so than they do sponsored Facebook posts, sponsored tweets, or television commercials.

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman said, “On-air personalities are a key element in defining what makes radio different — and more personal — than any other medium in consumers’ minds. These personalities are viewed as stars and tastemakers, but also have a familiarity and personal touch that invites listeners not only to tune in, but to call, tweet, and email as if they are listeners’ personal friends.”

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What’s it like to be featured on The David Madeira Show?

Here’s what others have to say:


Thank you for the great job you did with our friends from NEPA Alliance this morning.  As expected, you covered all the basics and made a somewhat confusing PTAC concept crystal clear for your listeners.

You’re a true pro!

Best to you,

Phil Condron,  President,  Condron & Company

Just wanted to relay a big “Thank You!” for inviting me to your program and for your most generous broadcast support to my small business, Arcman and  I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first broadcast experience, but your engaging manner readily put me at ease.

 Thanks again!

Jim  Sovaiko,  Founder and President , Arcman

Dear Dr. Madeira

We cannot thank you enough for all the publicity you gave our Tea Party Town Hall this past Saturday. We filled the seats. We made some new friends, made contact with other Tea Party groups and did what we set out to do – tell people how to de-fund ObamaCare.  Thank you again for all of your help!

Bruce & Edna Paskoff, NEPA Spirit Of 1776

Our organization, Care Net of Scranton, was gathering reservations for our recent Fund Raising Banquet. On the day of closing the period for RSVPs, we had 115 reservations. The following day we were privileged to have an interview with our featured speaker, Tony Kiessling, on the David Madeira Show, 94.3 FM, The Talker. We extended the reservation period an initial three days, and had 206 reservations, almost DOUBLING our attendance! Thank you David and The Talker for helping us out! Radio DOES work!

Kenn Anderson, Sr. Vice-Chariman, Care Net of Scranton

So many of our patriot Connectors listen to your show and tell me what a great job you do plugging our meeting. Sen. Baker did a great job last night and we had over 60 people. I was really thrilled. It was a lively and interesting forum. Thanks so much, David.

Voni Strauser, Patriot Connector

Good Morning! We won the $20,000 grant!! #27!!! The official announcement is Monday. Thank you so very much!!!!

Julianne Kalasinski, Development Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of NEPA

Hey Bro, Thanks for the great show. …you and MaryAnn rock. And we got $250.00 in donations AFTER your show!!!! Praise God… Can you send me a link to Maryann’s piece I wanna get it on our site. Thanks again. You are such a blessing!!!!

Donald Galade, Producer Voice of John