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Faith, Family and Freedom for the next generation. These values form the core of David’s dynamic message as a Talk Radio personality, cultural commentator, political consultant, actor, soloist and entrepreneur. From the moment David runs to the stage, your group will feel the energy and be challenged to think. Equally at home at a Youth Retreat or Board Room, David’s ability to connect with his audience informs and motivates, leaving them ready to take on whatever challenges lie before them.

Growing up in a Pastor’s home could have been a disadvantage, but David’s parents made raising their children to fear God and love their fellow-man their #1 priority. David knew from the time he was 6 that he was destined to be a Doctor. A football injury at 13 lead him to Chiropractic and when he graduated from High School at 16 he majored in PreMed and minored in Public Speaking. At 19, he entered Grad School and Graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at 22, 10 years younger than the average age of his classmates.

After a decade in private practice, David was recruited to leadership in the State Chiropractic Association and quickly rose to the Executive Committee based on successful service. As President, he lead the organization to success in both numbers and influence.

He ran for State Senate in 2006, became a successful political consultant and ran for Congress in 2010. He started businesses in real estate and media and managed the national marketing launch of a company that provides Graphic Design services for over 100 newspapers. In addition to hosting his own weekday morning talk show, he currently applies his marketing and motivational talent with the team at Live Mercury, where he serves as VP of Growth.

David and his wife Melanie have homeschooled their six children. An accomplished Doctor, political leader, and branding agency executive, David will hand-craft a presentation that will accomplish your goals for your organization. Since no two presentations are the same, a pre-booking interview is required.

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