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Election Day Appeal: Who can upset the establishment AND win in November?

RE: Election Day in PA and NY

TO: All those who know and respect my political record.

Dear Friend of Liberty and Limited Government,

The next two Tuesday’s are the first time in my voting lifetime that PA and NY primary races actually make a difference in the GOP Primary. It turns out the fat lady hasn’t even received directions to the concert hall in Cleveland and your vote in Pennsylvania or New York really do make a difference. (It’s the GOP Primary so you can’t vote in both states. That’s reserved for Democrats)

Out of respect for all the times I’ve stood against the GOPe and for liberty, I humbly request that you consider this mind-numbingly wonky analysis of the GOP Primary Delegate race (which, it turns out, is how we’ve been picking our nominee since Lincoln).

It shows a shockingly close race!

Trump currently has 763 Bound Delegates and 2 Unbound Delegates for a total of 765.

Ted Cruz currently has 542 and 154 unbound delegates for a total of 696.

Real Numbers: Cruz 696 Delegates to Trumps 765 Delegates.

The LameStream Media, which has donated over $2 billion in coverage to Trump’s populist campaign, has access to this information. They choose not to report it even though a close race drives ratings and increases ad revenue.

To my good friends who, for understandable reasons, support Trump’s flawed delivery of an important message  – that the game is rigged against you and me, the little guys – let me pose these questions:

Remember back to Feb. 21st, 2014 when you and Donald Trump liked Sen. Ted Cruz so much you introduced/applauded him with unreserved praise.  (Go ahead, watch the video from back when we didn’t hate each other on Social Media – it only takes a minute and I’ll wait.)

Remember when he was the only GOP Senator to call out the Senate Majority leader’s lyin’ mendacity. Is there any evidence that from the beginning, the GOPe wanted Sen. Ted Cruz to be President?

Then consider this: Even now that Cruz has out-raised, out-polled, out-organized and out-lasted all the other GOP establishment and grassroots candidates, most GOP politicians still offer only the most tepid of support (sometimes while joking about killing him). Isn’t it clear that that the GOPe doesn’t want Ted Cruz almost as much as/more than they don’t want Trump?


If the game is rigged against us little guys in the GOP Primary (and it is), will it be less rigged in the General Election when Hillary Clinton is exerting direct influence on the process?

Since you are right and the game is rigged, who better to defeat the establishment and upset their apple cart in 2016 than a guy who’s taken the time and effort to carefully study their game and beat them at it?

For the love of all the reasons you want to stick it to the establishment and vote for Trump, PLEASE see the truth hidden in plain sight. PLEASE, in the quiet of the voting booth on Election Day, vote for the one guy who’s shown he can beat the rigged system AND will stand for constitutionally limited government, Sen. Ted Cruz.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. David J. Madeira

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