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A boot stamping on a human face – forever.

Laugh while you listen to Mark Steyn’s hilariously classy take-down of PC and the Western World’s abandonment of speaking freely, but cry when it’s over and you contemplate where we are headed – to the humorless Orwellian Utopia described in 1984.

Speaking of an attempt at humor, The Boston Globe today tried it’s hand at using humor (such as it is) to illustrate what a President Trump world would look like.  It wasn’t funny, but that’s because it was very PC.

Finally, for those who don’t understand why your fellow Americans are OK with Trump’s crass, erratic and relentlessly impolite behavior, here lies the key. They understand that a secular society’s tolerance for a bad joke (ask Nobel laureate Tim Hunt) is the canary in the coal mine…and our canaries have all gone silent, even in their own homes (ask Jerry Seinfeld).

Trump’s appeal is that he’s pushing back harder (even if he’s pushing recklessly and in the wrong direction).

Note to Trump fans: I’m defending you, so go easy on me.

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