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Make America Good Again

I know. I’m supposed to overlook this because Trump is just a “businessman who needed to play the game for the sake of his company, employees and family.”

Forgive me, but I can’t.

I’m trying, but I can’t.

His money kept liberal politicians who destroy Black families through progressive social welfare policies in office. It funded a party that’s foisting genocide on inner city Blacks and Latinos. It greased the wheels of corruption, funding the Chicago Machine that brought us President Obama and Mayor Rham Emanuel.

I’m sure that not minimizing these contributions makes me a hater who’s afraid to “Make America Great Again”, but I can’t.  I want a principled person who’s willing to pay the price for doing what is right.

He’s not perfect, but my dad paid the price.

My mom’s got her flaws, but she did too.

My grandparents paid the price, choosing what was principled over what was expedient. It cost them dearly and they fell short often, but they paid the price.

My wife and I, as frail as we our in our walk with God, in our own way are paying the price. I’ve got siblings, cousins and friends who day after day just try to do what is right and pay the price. And we know countless others who do what is right even though they could gain some advantage by just going along to get along.

Someone once observed that America is great because America is good.

With my primary vote in Florida tomorrow, I’m going to say “let’s Make America Good Again.”

Let’s let Her Greatness be the consequence of Her Goodness.

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