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Ep 870 Hour 2: Taxpayers vs. Teachers, Or Something Else?

In 2016 taxpayers will be paying the maximum allowed by law to subsidize the pensions of teachers in PA (average salary of $63,521 vs. median HOUSEHOLD income for Pennsylvania of $53,234)  For every $1 they pay into their pension, you pay $4.

The PA budget standoff continues and the Gov will not be heading to NYC and partying. David says it’s Gov. Wolf’s fault, but it’s still an impasse and people are being hurt (Gov Wolf’s recklessness hurts women and children most).

So the question of the day is: How is the budget impasse affecting you/not affecting you, who do you blame and what do you want them to do about it?

The Presidential Pollsters continue to eliminate Rand Paul from the big screen as Trump stays at the top and Cruz surges.  This is the only story Google gave David as he typed in Ted Cruz. He believe they are trying to sway the election as he warned months ago.


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