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Ep 805 Hour 1: Trump Signs Loyalty Pledge To Support GOP Nominee

We’ve now started jailing Christians because they don’t want to celebrate sodomy, using GoFundMe Efforts to stop the state from taking WWII vets homes, and making 4 year old girls go the the bathroom with boys.

And what is the GOP chairman doing? Heading to Trump Tower to get Trump to sign a loyalty pledge? Loyalty to what?

David asks Trumpsters: Do you feel betrayed by Trump signing the loyalty pledge? What did he get for pledging loyalty?

Trump points out (14:28) what David has been saying for awhile – Jeb Bush is the greatest threat to the unity and success of the GOP because he has $120M to spend attacking the most popular GOP candidate at any given time. #JebShouldDropOut

William Penn says “indefeasible right to worship Almighty God”,  Fiorina says clerk should do what she’s told and and Cruz says freedom trumps all.

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