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Ep 797 Hour 1: Jeb Should Drop Out Because

History tells us that Jeb Bush can’t win anymore than Mitt Romney, so #JebShouldDropOut of the GOP Primary now.

#1 His $120M PAC money will be used for serial destruction of all other competitive GOP candidates. Everyone is talking about how Trump’s bombastic style hurts the GOP “brand”, but Romney devastated the GOP turnout in the general because he had destroyed the base in the Primary

McCain, Guliani, Huckabee, PerryGingrich, Santorum

(Romney apparently didn’t spend money attacking Herman Cain because he didn’t think he was a threat)

#2 He tries to explain away “insult” to Hispanics by “insulting” Asians

#3 He uses term “anchor babies” then distances himself from supporters of term at the same time.

#4 He bumbles criticizing #PPSellsBabyParts by conflating “womens health” funding.

More in the next hour…


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