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Ep 796 Hour 3: The “Social Issues”

When you recommend The David Madeira Show to your family and friends, how do you describe it?

How Much Would You Charge To Give Birth To A Chinese Communist Who Is Eligible To Be President of the USA?

John from Honesdale says The David Madeira Show is full of information you don’t get anywhere else.

David describes his own show as Perspicacious, Sagacious, Witty & Loquacious.

China’s markets continued to plummet today as they do another round of QE (alright, a massive amount) and American investors are asking: Have we reached to bottom? David asks “Are you buying or selling?”

We now live in a country where, if you refuse to bake a cake and sell it, the government will destroy you. But, if you charge women a fee to give you their baby, then sell it on the open market to the highest bidder, the government will subsidize you.  David asks, “How did we get here?”

Does it have something to do with the dreaded “social issues” that Kasich says we should take several deep breaths and move on from?

Listeners who attended the #PPSellsBabyParts protest call in.


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