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Ep 796 Hour 2: How Much Would You Charge To Give Birth To A Chinese Communist Who Is Eligible To Be President of the USA?

What does an Anchor Baby cost for a Communist Chinese Couple? (up to $150K) Would you have a baby for a gay Chinese couple for $35K?

Kane of Arc heads back to court today. Will she have a treasure trove of porn to show?

When you recommend The David Madeira Show to your family and friends, how do you describe it?

Jeffrey says “ Informative and realistic.”

Hannah says “Conservative theater done live.”

Mike says “For the people. Of the people. By the people.”

Virginia says “Wealth of Content”

PA Budget impass fork?

History with Hannah on The War of 1812 – the invasion of Washington DC.

We now live in a country where, if you refuse to bake a cake and sell it, the government will destroy you. But, if you charge women a fee to give you their baby, then sell it on the open market to the highest bidder, the government will subsidize you.  David asks, “How did we get here?”

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