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Ep 791 Hour 2: What The Government Gives, The Government Takes Away

Mandy Boyle welcomes listeners to NEPA BlogCon at Stroudsburg U. Sept 12th.

The value of public speaking and Abington Christian Academy.

David’s unique debate plan: a series of policy dialogues where two of them at a time sit down and discuss a specific topic for 90 minutes. No moderator. No rules. No notes. Just two adults talking about the challenges we face. Let them ask each other questions as they talk. We would learn so much more about them as leaders and thinkers. 

And if one of them tries to filibuster, people will see that for what it is. Let them know that detailed data about who spoke how long and how many words they said will be displayed with the video. Put them online and let people watch them when they want. 

For topics David suggested: The role of the Federal Government. American Immigration. The Budget and National Debt. The Social Safety Net. American culture. Healthcare. Balancing Religious Freedom and Tolerance. Crime and Punishment.

History with Hannah on the Treaty of Bergerac and Pecksniffian arguments.


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