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Keeping the Republic

At the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, a Philadelphian named Mrs. Powel asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have you given us…a Republic or a Monarchy?” His reply was simple and to the point, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

The ensuing 227 years have seen a never­ending push and pull between the two forms of government ­ the only difference is we’ve replaced “monarchy” with “democracy”. A Republic is a government based on the rule of law (our Constitution) and the elections of representatives by the people to be their voice while upholding that law. A Democracy is a government based on “mob rule” sentiment and pressuring elected representatives to cast votes based on polls of those sentiments. The President’s Executive Decree last night giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants is only the latest example of the pull away from and the attempted dismantling of our Republic.

Throughout his 6 years in office, the President (and Democrats and Progressive Republicans) has consistently referred to the United States as a Democracy. As a self­described “constitutional law professor” he most assuredly knows we are not. What he does know very well is human nature. To govern and achieve goals the Constitution prohibits and the majority of the people don’t want, one must govern through fear and oppressive regulations. Throughout history, human nature has not changed, nor will it. No matter in which century they live, when people are facing stacks of unpaid bills, shrinking grocery budgets and rising food costs, increases in multiple taxes, massive increases in health insurance and deductibles, fewer full­time jobs in the marketplace and losing their businesses and homes, they lose all hope and the will to fight.

Fear becomes their driving force every day ­ “How will I feed my kids? Where will I find a job? How can I afford to go to my doctor?” ­ and just keeping up with the news is information overload. This is exactly what King George III did to the colonists and why they sent him a list of 27 grievances explaining their need to declare their Independence. They were beaten down with oppressive regulations over every aspect of their lives and yes, they too, felt fearful for their basic needs. Even so, one third of the colonists were willing to stand against the King and assert that their Individual Liberty was worth fighting for. Not everyone wanted the boat rocked, though, and thought life was pretty fair in the New World and just wanted to be left alone. The final third were firmly dedicated to English rule. They were all a people as polarized and deeply divided as we find ourselves today.

We are about to enter another fight that will likely further divide us. Will Congress fight the President’s executive Amnesty order or allow him to steamroll over the American people once again? Republicans, advisers, consultants and pundits are already at odds over whether or not it’s even possible to stop it. I think it’s a pretty sure bet those who are telling us there is no way to stop it are believers in a fair Democracy while those who are encouraging Congress to hold the line understand what it means to “keep the Republic”.

Keeping the Republic (still) means sacrificing our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. Many have already and will continue to sacrifice their lives here and abroad to “keep it” ­ believing that Freedom is for everyone and evil must be conquered. Many sacrifice their fortunes, small as they may be, to the cause of Liberty. As a recent candidate, I know first­hand what a sacrifice a $50 contribution meant for many donors. It was their way to “keep it”. Many sacrifice their honor, their reputation, their name to “keep it”. Look at what journalist Sharyl Attkisson has been dragged through, and she isn’t even a conservative. She does value the first amendment, though, and that’s her contribution to “keeping it”.

With the rise in the belief that America is a Democracy and legislation can be written with tempera paint on posterboard, we need more leaders willing to sacrifice at least their fortunes and sacred honor. More importantly, though, we need more voters to resist their human nature to fear for their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Instead, we must be willing to lose them to stand firm on the unique values that built a great Nation. We must show the next generations that we re­built our economy with hard work, ingenuity and fearlessness. We must show them we reclaimed our national heritage by putting everything on the line to defend our rights to ownership of thought, self defense and true religious Liberty.

We must be the defining and final generation in the battle between Individual Liberty and Socialized Submission.

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