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The Bully IN the Pulpit

Over the course of the past decade, it has become the norm for causes and organizations to “claim a month” as their own to draw attention to their issues.  Some are worthwhile – like April’s “National Child Abuse Prevention Month” – and some are just plain idiotic – like February’s “National Awareness Month for Awareness Months”.  (huh??)

Anybody have any idea what October is??

Ironically, October is “National Bullying Prevention Month”.  High Schools all over the country are inviting “Anti-Bullying” groups to put on cheery and inspirational programs to teach their kids to be sweet and kind and how to replace their “Twitter Tirades” and “FaceBook Fulminations” with respectful words instead of nasty ones.  The ONE venue, though, that is in serious need of an “Anti-Bullying” lecture is…the White House.

For 16 days, America the Beautiful endured the ugly rantings and tantrums of a petulant president who bullied war heros, vacationers, hikers, fishermen, history buffslost children and thirsty cyclists in Cumberland, Maryland.  In other words…hard working, law-abiding regular people who do not possess the power of the “Bully Pulpit” the DOJ or the media.

Sadly, just as a Bully will do to his victim’s friends, the so-called shutdown has ended with many of our supposed friends in Congress turning against us and voting to put us further into a corner…left alone to be ridiculed and mocked for believing in a strange old thing called The Constitution.

Looks like we need new friends…






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