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King of Sham-e-lot

Not a day goes by anymore when conservatives don’t end their days going hoarse yelling at their t.v.s over the blatant arrogance displayed by the First Couple.  For the past 2 weeks alone, we have been a captive audience to the President’s sham-of-a-tour  bringing attention to his backbreaking efforts to create jobs for Americans while his policies thwart them at every turn.  In June, taxpayers spent the royal sum of $424K just for the cost of the First Mommy to travel to Africa – that amount included her daughters (listed on the flight manifest as “Senior Staff”??), the Royal Mum, Mrs. Robinson, a niece, a nephew and of course, her make-up artist and hairstylist.

Only a few weeks later, they traveled to Mahtha’s Vinyahd for some quiet family time (Africa was exhausting) at the $7.6M home of Chicago corporate finance manager David Schulte.  This trip required the Secret Service and Transportation Security Agency to reserve 75 rooms at a nearby hotel for $225-$345 a night.  With stuff like this happening almost weekly, many of us reg’lar folk  scratch our heads and  wonder when the Executive Office reverted back to a Monarchy.

At least, that’s sure what it feels like.  The scary thing is, too many Americans are, I fear, beginning to accept this constant subliminal message that the President and First Lady are the equivalent to British Royalty – or at the very least, the couple to resurrect Camelot.  Remember this little tidbit from one of our favorite liberals?

Ever the treasure trove of Leftie Lunacy, Chris Matthews said this back in June of 2008:

Let’s go now to Roger Simon. Again your thoughts on last night’s magic moment for a lot of Americans, in fact, me included…that picture is right out of Camelot, as far as I’m concerned.

I get it that the Left can’t help likening their Political Celebs to Camelot – a magical place where round tables and feasts and festivals and jovial jousts abound!  But true to form, they only know the story from a Hollywood movie and never read the actual book.  Camelot is a sham – a kingdom waiting for doom because it’s King is an idiot who relies on a magician to fabricate his policies with smoke and mirrors – literally – and whose military is made up entirely of a few guys and one shiny sword.

But Camelot we have and Camelot it is that will be continued to get shoved down our throats.  Tuesday, we had this gem of  Royal parenting advice from His Highness while aboard His Royal Carriage:

In an interview with the Amazon Kindle Store, Obama tried to reassure his subjects that He and the First Lady are doing a bang-on job (some British lingo for ya) raising their Royal Offspring to appreciate the struggles of the Commoner…

We are constantly reminding Malia and Sasha of the slightly unreal environment that they’re in, and that that’s not the norm and they shouldn’t expect to be the norm…One of the advantages we have is that we still have family members who are not only middle class, but we’ve got some family members who are poor.  

Malia and Sasha have cousins who know what it’s like to struggle and know what it’s like to have to scrape by. They know that those kids are just as worthy as they are, they just haven’t had as much luck.

Yes, he actually said that.  Pick yourself up off the floor now.  I know…you are thinking, “Imagine if Romney had said that!  There would be bloodshed all over the Kingdom!”  We, as the Common Folk of the Land, find this incredibly arrogant because we have common sense and compassion and know how to teach our kids gratefulness – WE HELP OUR FAMILY MEMBERS if we have the means.  We don’t let them struggle and worry and turn them into an object lesson like mannequins in a Nordstrom’s window.  The Obamas have the means and the connections to lift ALL these family members out of their “bad luck”…

Auntie Zeituni Onyango lives in a disabled-access flat in a South Boston slum. She has lived in public housing for 5 years.

Barack Obama’s illegal alien Uncle Onyango Obama was arrested in August 2011 for driving drunk.
He was held by ICE for two weeks. Onyango told police when he was arrested that he planned to arrange bail through the White House.

Barack’s brother George Obama lives in a slum hut in Huruma estate (a Kenyan slum).

But, maybe we should give the Royal Couple the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe it’s possible the First Couple is making plans to throw some good luck their way and invite them all to come live at the White House with them and they’ll all live happily ever after.  Perhaps that’s the real reason Obama still hasn’t opened tours again to the Kingdom’s children who would like a glimpse of History, er, Royal Life.

Or, is it just more of Sham-e-lot…after all, tourists leave a lot of dirty footprints in the Palace.





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