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Awww, Gee, I Have to, um, Clean the Garage Friday…

As Northeastern PA awaits the arrival of the Royal Chariot Friday, two area Democrat lawmakers (who represent Scranton) have made it known they will not be among the faithful members of the Welcoming Party.  State Rep. Kevin Haggerty (112th) made it known on his FB page several days ago he had no intention of attending the President’s speech at Lackawanna College, saying:

Our families are out of work and poor and all the president continues to do is tour the country like Bruce Springstein [sic], as though seeing his face is some kind of prophetic inspiration.

Forget the speech Mr President. We are not dumb. Why don’t you spend a few nights here, sit down in closed doors and ensure we don’t turn out like Detroit.

Haggerty proposed during an interview on The David Madeira Show Tuesday morning that it would be far more beneficial to the struggling Scranton Area for the President to be a part of an “Economic Summit” rather than give another speech:

We have the highest unemployment rate in the state.  They say it’s 8.9% but really it’s up around 18-20% because of people who have stopped looking for work.  Our taxes, both Lackawanna and Scranton City, have gone up 200% in the past 5 years.  We also have the highest foreclosure rate in the country…

Seniors are coming into my office saying they can’t afford their electricity and their medicine. If they pay for their medicine, they are afraid they are going to lose their homes because they are going into foreclosure.

He went on to say that he has been contacted by an “International Democracy Group” who would be willing to help with the funding to host such an event – shockingly, the Prez has not taken Haggerty up on the offer.

The second lawmaker who will be busy doing…anything else…is Congressman Matt Cartwright (17th).  According to the Times-Tribune:

U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, D-Moosic, has a scheduling conflict and will not be at the event, but he said he supports the president’s message. “I am committed making [sic] every effort to guarantee that students will be able to attend a school of their choosing by protecting federal grants and working to keep the cost of student loans low.”

Call me crazy, but I think it’s kind of odd that Cartwright would skip out on the leader of his Party for a “scheduling conflict” (I just giggled) when he will be facing a challenger in the next election.  Even with redistricting to keep it in the Dems pocket, he can’t discount the voters in the southern parts of the 17th…according to Schuylkill County GOP chair Joe Sterns, who was quoted in PoliticsPA regarding one of the Republican candidates:

Doc Moylan is a highly respected oncologist who speaks credibly and passionately about the horrible effects of Obamacare on patients and the economy.  From the medical community alone he should be able to raise the money necessary to be competitive. Remember, Laureen Cummings scored 40 percent against Cartwright during a presidential year having spent a pittance — well under six figures. In an off-year election against a candidate who can raise real money and who makes Obamacare a central issue, Cartwright will have his hands full.

Sterns went on to say that if Moylan can “hold down the damage” in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties, while winning Schuylkill, Carbon and the Lehigh Valley, he can make it a race.

Call me crazy again, but I also thinks it’s odd that a lawyer would support someone else’s “message” before they even told anyone what it was.  The content of Obama’s tour was hush-hush until today when he got to Buffalo.  If you “read between the lines” of his speech, anyone can see exactly what he is planning on doing to colleges across the country.  As I predicted a few days ago, higher education is about to mean just that – school that is just a little higher than high school.  It will be a continuation of the “State-Run-Brainwashing-System” funded all on the backs of the taxpayers.

Here is a predictable snippet from his comments Thursday at UB:

We can’t price the middle class — and people working to get into the middle class — out of a college education…a  higher education is the single best investment you can make in your future, but the high costs and debt have become a barrier and a burden for too many American families.  (i.e. “The rich” will have to pay for all kids to get a college degree)

The Examiner lays out the President’s plan:

His new plan, according to Thursday’s speech as well as in a fact sheet released on Wednesday, calls for a three-tier approach to helping students be able to afford college: creating rewards and incentives for colleges and students to excel regardless of the student’s background, creating innovations and competition in colleges through the use of technology and learning-focused course planning, and finding ways to keep student debt lower throughout college and placing a cap on loan repayments based upon a percentage of income after the student graduates.

Obama called on Congress to pass necessary legislation targeted at making college education more affordable for all students, though he did say that he would take any legal measures possible through the executive action.

 Even if he didn’t know it ahead of time, I’m not surprised that Cartwright “supports the President’s message”, he is after all, a Liberal’s dream for a Congressman.  But if this brilliant plan does get implemented – either by the Dunderheaded Congress or by yet another Executive Order – it will do to Colleges what the NEA has done to public schools and quality will go out with the baby still in the bathwater and the government will have full control of another major industry (instead of the States).
 No one can argue that the cost of college is ridiculous or that getting a job with your particular degree is getting tough (whose fault is that, anyway?) or that they are by and large bastions of Liberal Lunacy.  But you also can’t ague with the fact that a college degree has been the gateway to the good ol’ “American Dream”.  Imagine what will happen if standards for college are lowered the way high school standards have been…eventually, everyone who wants that white picket fence will have to go to Grad School and then doctors will have to go get something on top of a Doctorate to be worth getting the big bucks.
In the end, it really doesn’t matter if Cartwright shows up or not.  The DNC and the local Dems will throw lots of money and support his way.  What does matter is that he not take for granted all those democrat votes in this newly redistricted area. Voters are about to feel the first gales of Hurricane ObamaCare and his Republican opponent is hardly going to let that blow by.  So, Congressman, clean your garage or whatever it is you have to do while your President is in town, eventually you will have to come back and convince your voters you deserve your job.





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