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Ole! The Mighty Bully Pulpit!

White House MouthPiece, Jay Carney, was asked Thursday if the President will be giving any speeches soon on racial tensions in the United States.  According to CNN his response was –

 …that the Department of Justice is investigating the matter [how Zimmerman could have possibly been found innocent] but the White House, nor the president, would comment on the specifics of that process.

Just as a matador waves a bright red cape in front of a bull to grab its attention and keep him from getting gored, Carney keep waving theirs in front of the American public hoping to do the same. They give it a little shake here and say, “we’re a nation of laws, a jury has spoken.”  Then they give it a little shake there and say, “the Department of Justice is looking into the matter…”  The more they shake, the more flames are stirred on both sides of the political spectrum – one side saying there is no justice and the other saying Lady Liberty is about to get the bull’s horn through her back.  It’s a dangerous game they are playing – not because they are in danger, but because America is about to get gored.

As President, Obama holds the power of the almighty “Bully Pulpit” which many of our Presidents have used (well or poorly) to advance agendas, ideas, hopes and ideals.  Our first “Black President” has the unique opportunity to address race relations – not only because he is black, but because he is also white.  We have heard for 5 long years now about Obama’s amazing journey from blessed seed to brilliant Harvard Law Review President.  Much ado has been made about his revelation in moving to Chicago and finding his “Black Identity”.  Great hope has been laid upon The One to end race relations for all time throughout the Galaxy.

But what exactly has he done to reflect his life experience with the Bully Pulpit?  Instead of talking about being raised by a hard-working, single white mother, he completely ignores her and writes some tripe about the virtues of eating dog meat in Indonesia.  Instead of appreciating the fact that although his family was a broken one, both parents managed to find a way to raise a boy who knew he could be anything he set his mind to.  Instead of reminiscing upon the sacrifice and difficult decision she had to make to send him to live with his grandparents so he could get a better education, he encourages the welfare state – further ruining Black families.  Instead of quelling riots by being The example of races working together, he foments them by letting his lackeys (i.e. The Dept. of Justice,  The Democratic Black Caucus, etc.) wave as many red capes as their robust budgets will buy them.

Am I the only one who thinks his behavior is not only damaging to Liberty, but utterly disrespectful and dishonoring to his mother?  Or how about his Grandmother?  Remember her?  The “typical white person”?  Based on what Obama portrays today, I just can’t help wondering what he was like as a kid.

Here is what I imagine a breakfast conversation sounded like before school –

Mom:  I’ve packed your lunch and your homework is in your backpack, Sweetie.  Don’t forget to bring your spelling book home to study for your test.

Little Barry:  Mom, I don’t need to study…and is my sandwich peanut butter and jelly again?

Mom: Yes, they say it’s good for you.

L.B.:  Uh, let me be clear, I don’t want to eat peanut butter… I asked you to make me a roast dog sandwich.

Mom:  Honey, I don’t think it’s good to eat dogs…

L.B.:  Mo-ommm…don’t be such a typical white woman!

What else are we supposed to think??  All he has ever said about her are a few little quotes here and there.  He apparently does give her credit as the one who instilled the best in him, but that would be just too nice to talk about on the Piers Morgan or Chris Matthews Shows.  They want Red Meat!  They want Red Dog Meat!  They want want to feed the Red States TO the Dogs AS Meat!  The want the Bulls to run around and gore all the Red States to feed to the Dogs as Meat!

So, what would calm the Bulls and send them peacefully back to their pens?  One speech by The One is all it would take.  One speech to tell the Matadors to put down their capes.  One speech about a woman never spoken of.  One speech about boy with a black father and a white mother is all it would take…and he knows it.



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