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Should Bloomberg Regulate…Himself?

Mayor Bloomberg has become so famous for regulating “stuff” that he has been dubbed with lots of funny monikers -all poking fun at his goose-stepping policies which continuously eat away at the rights of all those smart New York City voters.  So far, he has been able to get his lasso around baby formula in hospitals, buying and smoking cigarettes, using and cooking with salt in restaurants , drinking Big Gulps and consuming trans-fats (will a NY cannoli ever taste the same?).

To help the planet, The City’s Nanny even tried to make evil people who drive cars around in the city – instead of using public transit – to pay an $8 “fee”, but the state legislature shot (can I still say “shot”?) that down.  His other idea for reducing the City’s carbon footprint?  Instead of letting your car run on those hot summer days, run an extension cord to your car (on the street?!) and stick a “house air conditioner” into the front window to get it nice and cool for your drive to the office (yes, he actually had this done with his own SUV, pictured above).

Since Gov. Cuomo enacted the most stringent gun restrictions in the nation,  Bloomberg got a pass on being able to get his hands on that ban.  However, he just can’t resist the urge to tell everybody else what they should be doing or not doing.  As a co-leader of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, his self-proclaimed title as “Changer of the Way Americans Live Their Private Lives, Except When I Think It’s O.K.” is being given lots of camera time and backed by $12M of his own sizable fortune.  He is currently running gun-ban ads in 10 states (curiously that have Senators up for re-election next year) to promote a national gun registration.

My question is this:  Since he is an elected official, shouldn’t he be regulated in the same way political candidates are required to follow strict financial rules?  Doesn’t it give him a very unfair advantage as a Mayor to have sway over public opinion?   Should an elected official be allowed to run an ad campaign in the capacity of a campaign strategist while he is trying to pass that legislation?

I’m trying to imagine what the left would be saying if, say, Mitt Romney was out there spending $12M promoting Marriage – the husband and wife kind- as the Supreme Court hears arguments on gay marriage today…and he isn’t even in office.  Or imagine if Rep. Darrell Issa used his sizable fortune to pay for an ad campaign to finally get to the bottom of “Fast and Furious”?  We all know what firestorm would be lit – Chris Matthews and John Stewart would go nuts.  Liberals rarely, if ever, admit there is a double-standard when it comes to comparing the motives of the Left and Right – so I’m sure no one on the Left will find cause to criticize Bloomberg’s motives or actions now.

But I think it’s high-time Bloomberg gets a taste of his own medicine…it’s time to throw a lasso around him

What’s your opinion?


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