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Here Comes Peter Cottontail…But Don’t Call Him the Easter Bunny

First, it was the “Manger Wars” – now it’s the “Bunny Wars”.  The Left’s well-worn argument against Christmas has been that the Nativity is a representation of Christian views…and they are right.  It IS the scene of the Savior’s birth, so it does represent a religion.  Their fervor to eliminate the holiday has become so crazy, though, that they have even started getting rid of Santa in public schools. They are determined to eliminate anything that hints at religion – except how to don a religiously required burqa.

But now they are trying to extend that argument by saying that the Easter Bunny is a representation of the Bible?  Now, that’s a stretch if I’ve ever heard one.  I don’t remember any bunnies dropping off baskets of chocolate each night after the manna fell from Heaven for the Israelites.  Perhaps there was a bunny or two near the manger…

Conservatives have been pushing back against the tide of eliminating Christmas from public places and schools for a while now.  We have seen victories and losses along the way, but on the whole, I think the snow drift is starting to blow in our direction on the war on the “Winter Break”.  Maybe that’s why they need a new target.  So with an administration going ahead full-steam on (very old) socialist ideas, the Left has courageously added Easter to their hit list.

Public schools are announcing the elimination of the word “Easter” from all it’s “spring activities” that happen to occur at the same time that Christians are tying pretty ribbons to their bonnets for Sunday mornin’ service.  So far, the following schools are Easter-Free Zones:

East Meadow School District, Long Island, N.Y., Prospect Heights Library, Ill., Manhattan Beach School District, Calif.,  Flat Rock Elementary School, S.C., West Shore School District, Pa., Indian River School District, Del., and Heritage Elementary, Madison, Ala.

Everything you would normally see at an Easter event will still occur, they will just be called by different titles.  The “Easter Egg Hunt” will now be the “White-Oval-Shaped-Object Finder Project” (a map will be included so no child will be left behind); there will be a Primer class to “BasketWeaving 101”; in effort to toe-the-line with the First Mommy’s Nutrition Plan, trays of crudites (those are veggies) will be offered instead of jelly beans and Peeps; and the dress code will be changed to “Playground Casual”.

It’s good to know our community’s kids are being so carefully tended to – we don’t want any of them to feel excluded, oppressed or offended.  They are fragile creatures that are only able to handle learning how to put condoms onto cucumbers…

So, relax…and keep paying your property taxes…


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