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Well, One of Them Was Actually My Manicurist…

It seems like every day that passes, another fact (or lie) is exposed about the Benghazi Embassy massacre.  Newly appointed Secretary of  State John Kerry took a long trip across the Potomac River a few days ago.  In the true spirit of courageous leadership, he gave homage to our fallen by showing up with more men for his daring venture than Ambassador Chris Stevens had in Libya.

CNSnews reports:

Secretary of State John Kerry took a larger detail of security agents on a trip to Arlington, Va., last week, when he went to visit—of all places—the headquarters of the department’s security bureau, than the State Department deployed to its compound in Benghazi, Libya, in the days leading up to the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks.

Kerry, as recorded by an official State Departmentpublicity photograph, was “surrounded” in Arlington on Monday, Feb. 4, by at least four of the department’s Diplomatic Security (DS) agents. In the days leading up to the Benghazi attacks, the State Department deployed only three Dipomatic Security agents to the department’s mission in Benghazi.

So, when Kerry emerged from his limousine in suburban Virginia last week he had one more agent protecting him there than the State Department had protecting its compound in Benghazi last summer.

When Amb. Chris Stevens travelled from Tripoli to Benghazi on Sept. 10, he brought another two Diplomatic Security agents with him on his journey. Those two agents, who accompanied Stevens on his Tripoli-to-Benghazi trip, were half the number pictured with Kerry last week on his trip across the Potomac River.


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