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This Gives New Meaning to “Separate the Wheat from the Tares”

One of the biggest problems in government -that is at the top of every American’s list to fix – is our lack of Cultural Sensitivity at the  Department of Agriculture.  We all know that for centuries wheat has had an unfair run as the majority crop (WonderBread has had amazing lobbying power since the days of Annette Funicello – heck, their bread even lasts that long!).  But thanks to lefty efforts to make fairness the American way of life, corn has been given its chance to show the world what it’s made of.  Not only can it, too, be made into bread, it also has the agility to become cereal, sweetener, animal fodder and even fuel!  Wheat didn’t stand a chance against the versatility of this mighty crop.  Thank God for such wise government leaders to bring in this great man to transform our pitiful old ways of thinking…

Seriously, what need is there to be paying $200K to this guy’s firm to come and “Culturally Sensitivize” our Agriculture Department?  You won’t believe this video…he’s scary good at what he does.

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