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Asteroid Drawn to Earth By Global Warming!

We all know how badly the Earth is being marred by our feckless efforts to curb our glut of fossil fuels.  It all started off when we were kids as a mysterious whole in the ozone layer. But now, our addiction is somehow causing an asteriod to do a near-miss fly-by??

This weekend, a CNN anchorwoman actually asked Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) if the asteriod headed for Earth is caused by… global warming.  Obviously, she used a hefty amount of gray cells to figure that carbon emissions can travel up out through that whole in the ozone layer at the speed of light on a specific trajectory (clandestinely given by GreenPeace) to go get that aimlessly-floating asteroid to give its meaningless life a purpose: land in Nashville, Tennessee and irradiate its unknown particles upon Al Gore, giving him his long-desired SuperPowers.  With those, he will finally be able to save all the polar bears…

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