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PA Pro-Life Federation Remembers Roe v. Wade

Guest columnist in the Times-Tribune Mickyah Bilger writes:

In the year I was born, almost one-third of all pregnancies ended in abortion.

In the past 40 years, abortion has claimed more than 55 million lives. In Pennsylvania alone, an unborn child dies every 15 minutes in an abortion.

It is precisely facts like these that convince me – and so many in my generation – that abortion is unnecessary and wrong.

The facts show all too plainly how any of my siblings, friends or classmates could have been killed before they had a chance to be born. And they make me wonder how many of my peers I will never know.

In January of 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court issued its abortion ruling in Roe v. Wade, young women did not have access to the facts about abortion that we have today. Nor did they have the perspective of looking back over 40 years of data showing the consequences of abortion on demand.

My generation does.

In the past 40 years, studies have shown that abortion is common, unsafe, and frequently the result of outside pressure on women.

We now know that at the moment of conception, the human embryo is a complete, unique life.

We now know that more than half of women who had abortions felt pressured into the decision.

We now know that most women have abortions for social reasons such as relationship issues, finances, career or education, lack of readiness for the responsibility.

We now know that hundreds of women have died and thousands more have been injured by “safe,” legal abortions.

We now know, thanks to a pro-life leader of my generation, that abortion facilities cover up sexual abuse, give incorrect information, and perform abortions simply because of a baby’s gender.

These facts point to the injustice of abortion – both for women and unborn babies. These are the facts that motivate me and so many other young people to advocate for the vulnerable.

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