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How Will Their Plans To Cave-In Affect The Republican Party?

The GOP seem to love caves so much, folks may start to wonder if they really are Neanderthals in disguise. What does another Cave-in mean for the economy…? Read what Forbes has to say… (from Forbes)

The fight over the debt ceiling is shaping up to be more of the same. This week, Obama announced that he is not going to negotiate over the debt ceiling. Republicans are in shock, but the rest of the country is in shock that the Republicans are in shock. What did they expect? They’ve caved in every time so far, which means that they will cave in the next time, and the President knows it.

The deal which Congress struck with the President in order to avoid the alleged horrors of the fiscal cliff is basically a fiscal cave, in which the opposition party caved in on pretty much every issue except one tiny detail about what the income threshold would be for the highest tax rate. The GOP almost broke its collective arm patting itself on the back, but the folks back at home intuitively sense that the Fiscal Cave is much worse than the fiscal cliff that it was designed to avoid.

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