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How Did Legal Abortion Begin?

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Forty years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion through two landmark decisions, but the “plaintiff” in one of the cases told WND she’s pro-life, never agreed to be involved in the case and was the victim of “lies, fraud and deceit” to promote a political agenda.

A Texas case known as Roe v. Wade became the more famous of the rulings, but equally important was a Georgia case known as Doe v. Bolton.

The woman known as “Mary Doe” in the latter case was later identified as Sandra Cano. She said a crisis in her marriage ultimately led to her becoming a legal and political pawn.

Cano said despite having a horrible husband with a criminal record, she tried to endure the relationship because she firmly believed marriage vows were for a lifetime. The couple had three children, but a variety of problems led to the older kids being placed in foster care and the third given up for adoption.

As the marriage deteriorated further, Cano discovered she was pregnant again. Around the same time she decided her marriage could not be saved.

“I had had enough of him,” she said. “He was in and out of jail at different periods in the marriage. He didn’t provide, didn’t take care of me. And when you’re not very knowledgeable and you don’t know how to care for yourself very much, I was dependent on others and trusted this one or that one.

“I went to Atlanta Legal Aid. I said I have no money. I said I need an attorney. I said I want my children out of foster care and I want a divorce from my husband,” she said. “Little did I know, going to the legal aide was going to result in me being a plaintiff in abortion, which is something I’ve never been for, I’ve always been against. I never sought an abortion, never sought to be a plaintiff in this case. I was in the dark about it for a long, long time. I think the public knows more about the case than I do. I was never a participant. I was never, in my mind, told, ‘You’re going to be a plaintiff on abortion.’”

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