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Guess which NEPA Radio Talk Show host got caught getting armed?

On December 31st I took my wife down to the Lackawanna Co. Courthouse to get her a permit to carry and to renew mine, which had expired a few years ago when I was still living in Luzerne County.

The lines were long and the wait was uncomfortable. There’s a bench seat along the wall, but the back rest has a cap on it that sticks right in the middle of your back. I suspect it’s a mental health test. If you can endure that, you are considered low risk for flying off the handle and doing something crazy while armed.

In any case, just as I was called up to the window to sign for my License to Carry, the press walked in, the Sheriff came out, and they started taking pictures!

David getting License to Carry

I was worried that my background check had turned up something, but apparently someone called the Times Tribune about the unusually long lines. They did some checking and decided that the unusually high volume of purchases warranted a story.

From today’s Times Tribune:

West Scranton resident David Madeira planned all along to replace his expired concealed weapons permit.
But as he waited for his new permit at the Lackawanna County Courthouse, the radio talk show host acknowledged it was the looming prospect of more stringent gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that brought him to the sheriff’s office this week.
“I think that maybe made me do it today as opposed to waiting,” said Mr. Madeira, whose wife, Melanie, also picked up a permit. “It’s a consideration.”

I got my permit and went to get the car while my wife was getting her background check processed, and that is when my wife gave them the close quote:

Unlike her husband, Mrs. Madeira is first-time permit holder — “a gun permit virgin,” she joked.
The mother of six said she thinks it makes sense for every woman to know how to use a firearm.
“It’s just nice to know that you can protect yourself,” she said.
Now it’s time to find her a gun that, like her, is both stylish and deadly. Tune in tomorrow as we walk through the process of exercising our Second Amendment rights.
What kind of gun do you recommend for my lovely bride?

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