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Rep S.J. Lee: ‘Social Security Is Solvent’, ‘Entitlements Are Earned’, ‘Shipshod’

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, addressing the house about entitlement reform (or, for those of you that don’t live and breathe political jargon, Welfare & Social Security,) said that the plan was based on “shipshod deliberations” (whatever that means), and should therefore be dismissed as pointless.

There are so many things wrong with what you just said, Sheila. Let me list them:

  1. “…America is on the upswing.” On what basis?
  2. “…the reform of entitlements [is] based on shipshod deliberations,” What “deliberations” are you referring to? What does “shipshod” even mean, exactly?
  3. “…we should think carefully about reform to medicare.” In the context of what you’re saying, it sounds like “think carefully” means “do nothing”.
  4. “…Social Security is solvent.” ORLY??? You can’t be serious. Are you even aware that the words coming out of your mouth mean things?
  5. “…move quickly to pass tax cuts that would be for all Americans, 100 percent, up to $250,000.” All Americans. All of them. Because if you make $250,000, you’re un-American. You’re unpatriotic.

We’ve been having fun with “shipshod” on the show this morning. Sometimes politics are just so crazy you have to laugh. What the heck, have a few Megan McCain gaffes:

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