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Fem Senators: “We’d Have A Budget Deal By Now”

Remember when Obama said that the fiscal cliff was no biggie? Well it turns out he’s not the only one who thinks so. Female senators on both sides of the asile said in an interview with the press that if they were in charge, this thing would be solved already. (from the Daily Caller)

In a new ABC News interview, set to air in full in January, some female senators claimed that if women were in charge of the fiscal cliff negotiations, they would already have a deal.

According to ABC’s preview, almost all the women agreed that if they were in charge of the averting the coming fiscal crisis, they would be better at it than the men currently running the show.

It seems to me that even the people in Washington are getting fed up with D.C.’s gridlock. In their defense, they weren’t saying it out of any bitterness or hostility; just observing the inherent differences between men & women:

“What I find is, with all due deference — deference to our male colleagues, that women’s styles tend to be more collaborative,” Collins added.

“I think by nature we are less confrontational and more collaborative,” McCaskill said. “And having us in the room — and I think, you know all of us, not only do we want to work in a bipartisan way, we do it.”

I think I have to agree with them on that. Men tend to be more confrontational. And if you don’t agree, well, you can SUCK IT. Here’s the original video from ABC News:

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