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Do Not Panic; Obama’s Got This ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Thingy All Sewn Up

Relax, put down that phone and definitely DO NOT CALL your Senator, Congressman or what-have-you; Obama has assured us that it’s all going to be ok. The fiscal cliff is actually no biggie. He plans to work it out over a round of golf, actually.

What’s with this attitude of winning the public from the president? He won his last election; he never has to win another election in his lifetime and as long as he lives he’s going to be wealthy and loved. So why does he keep acting like he’s got an election 6 months away? Here’s an excerpt from a CS Monitor story about Obama “bridging the gap” on the fiscal cliff:

“In the PR game, the fact that the president is making such overt gestures to the business community strikes at the traditional support on the Republican side,” said Pete Davis of Davis Capital Investment Ideas. “And he’s making some gains.”

Chiefly, the president can count on broad support from business on two issues: the need for higher tax revenues and the need to pass an increase to the federal debt ceiling quickly and easily.

“I’ve been struck by the number of CEOs that said, ‘We’re willing to pay slightly higher taxes if it means that we’ve got the kind of certainty and stability over the long term that allows us to invest and hire with confidence.’ So most folks, I think, are on board with a balanced plan,” the president said.

What is this? Why, after spending 6 months chastising anyone successful, is he trying to appear so middling and gracious?

Fortunately, at least for now, House speaker Boehner is having none of it. Back when we were all arguing about the debt ceiling, the dems struck a similar pose of “propose nothing, accuse republicans of not negotiating”, and it worked. We caved, big time. Maybe this time, the leadership will actually stick by the things they were elected for.

I just wish more republicans would sound more like this:

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