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Voters Have A History Of Massive Swings

As we’ve pointed out on this show the massive loss in voters for both parties this year, but that’s not the only statistic about this election you may find surprising. America has a history of swinging by pretty large margins when you look at it per capita, as the Blaze has uncovered.

Everyone has a perspective on the 2012 election results and a theory about what Obama’s re-election means for both parties.  However, conservatives shouldn’t believe the dooms day assumption that the country has never seen such a liberal turn, and liberals shouldn’t buy the idea that Obama won in a landslide.   Both groups could gain some perspective.  One hundred years of voting history should do.

TheBlaze did some digging and found the county-by-county voting maps for every election since 1900.   We made a video of the results, end to end. The outcome is a fascinating display of our democratic past and gives necessary perspective for the countries unpredictable future.

The lesson here is that the American people are fickle, but in the end they tend to eventually see the truth. All is not lost.

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