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While Barack Talks Hollywood, His Jobs Council is Absent

While Barack Obama has been busy settling feuds between American Idol judges and holding fundraisers, the Obama jobs task force has been strangely absent. Over the last 6 months (which isn’t much shorter a time than it’s been around), it’s met exactly zero times, and during that same time he’s had 10 golf trips and over a 100 fundraisers, according to the GOP (which politifact confirmed). It seems that “President Obama” has run out of his chemical formula and is now permanently transforming into “Candidate Obama”, at least until November 7th.

No wonder Lindsey Lohan is switching to Romney. (from the Daily Mail)

Mitt Romney has picked up hundreds of thousands of new supporters across the country since his commanding performance in last week’s debate against Barack Obama.

But he may not be delighted with one of his more notorious new fans – troubled actress Lindsay Lohan.

The star is a longtime Obama supporter, but announced at a Hollywood launch party yesterday that she was switching her endorsement to the Republican candidate.

efore the 2008 election, Lohan repeatedly encouraged her fans to vote for Obama and criticised GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

But now it seems she has changed her tune – and she blames consistently high unemployment for the U-turn.

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