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Toohill: I’m A Different Person Now

An anonymous youtube channel has put a glorified slideshow on YouTube featuring pictures allegedly of Tara Toohill which imply she was using drugs and kissing another woman at a pizza party. As David has pointed out, it’s not completely clear that there are actually drugs in the photos (all the original photos have been taken down, so the only evidence that remains is the nauseating Ken Burns-laden video). But that isn’t what makes this worth reporting on; the story here is her response:

These are 10-year-old photos, as she has confirmed, are of her, but they are of a version of her that doesn’t exist anymore. And attacking someone on something they did as a reckless teenager from behind a mask of anonymity is not how you win an argument, much less an election.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: check your facts, and focus on the actual issues; that poor straw man has had enough of a beating already.

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