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The Fund For Personal Liberty: Medicare Is Broken

This question is at the root of our mission here at The Fund for Personal Liberty. We believe that our Constitution and Bill of Rights set forth a form of government that protects individual sovereignty. Additionally, we believe that our health freedom is part of the legacy our founders left us.

Over several decades our local, state, and federal legislators and bureaucrats have created barriers to health freedom. They have made rules upon rules that interfere with the free flow of health care to the consumer.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult for an individual to fight government regulation. Where does one start? How much will it cost? How long will it take? For this reason, we have organized The Fund for Personal Liberty as a last resort when taking on burdensome government regulations.

Be part of the fight against the corrupt and bureaucratic medicare system and listen to this interview from the CATO institute to find out more about The Fund for Personal Liberty:

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