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Obama Calls Romney a “Bulls***er”

It seems with every passing day, as the polls swing and election day looms, Obama is getting increasingly stressed and desperate. Even the claim that Obama is a dedicated ‘family man’ seems as remote as his promises of hope & change, so bitter has the tone of his campaign become. “Kids have good instincts” he said recently in an interview with Rolling Stone, “They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bulls***er, I can tell.'”. Desperation is leaking out of every crack in this campaign, and it’s beginning to tell even on the once-tingle-worthy president.

Is it just me, or is Obama-who-really-doesn’t-want-to-loose-the-election getting the better of Obama-who-wants-to-act-presidential-and-bull****?

(from Politico via the Blaze)

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