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Obama Attacks Romney On Big Bird, Media For Once Does It’s Job

The Obama campaign, seeing what they think is a weakness and going after it head-first, put out an ad… and I’m not really sure what the purpose is. I think it’s sarcasm, but it just doesn’t come across right. You’ll probably have to verify for yourself that it really is on their channel after you’ve watched it, because seems like a parody:

Wha- just… what?? Even the liberal media is calling this a childish move on Obama’s part (from

Politico criticized the ad as small ball, NBC News described it as “absurd,”  and ABC’s Rick Klein seems confused by the desperate smallness of it:

“Team Obama makes a play using … Big Bird? The new Obama campaign ad uses a mock-serious tone to jump on Mitt Romney’s most famous debate line. It’s all in good fun, but the contrast may not be what President Obama is after, not now, not in this race. Romney is getting more serious by the day, with a foreign-policy speech and now Paul Ryan about to make the case for conservative fiscal policies. Romney marches toward Benghazi, while the president marches down Sesame Street?”

Even MSNBC’s Chuck Todd criticized the ad: “When is the Obama campaign going to stop talking about the debate? … They cannot seem to turn the page from the debate. … Any conversation about that debate, I assume, helps Mitt Romney.”

The Romney campaign is jumping on the story as well; they just put out a graphic mocking the incredible lack of adulthood in the Obama camp:

Well, played, Mitt. Well played.

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