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Krauthammer: “If You Watch It On TV, Ryan Wins”

David’s thoughts on who won the debate are basically what Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News last night: (from the Blaze)

Immediately after the vice presidential debate on Thursday night, Fox News political analyst Charles Krauthammer skewered Vice President Joe Biden for being “disrespectful” to Republican Paul Ryan throughout the night with his incessant smirking and interrupting.

Krauthammer was able to sum up the debate with one simple statement:

“If you read the transcript, I think it’s dead even. If you heard it on radio, Biden won. If you watched it on television, he lost.”

“In the transcript, if you just look at the raw arguments, I think it was even because each side had points to make, it made them. I think on balance, not one side was stronger than the other,” Krauthammer explained.

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