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Hilary Clinton & Paul Ryan Making The Case For De-Regulation?

Speaking to some foreign officials last Friday, Hillary made a case for liberty and de-regulation that would make a stodgy Republican committee chair blush. If only she’d say the same things to the American people. (from CNS News)

“In Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, people rose up against their dictators because they were fed up with governments that served the interests of a few at the expense of everyone else,” said Clinton. “But economic and social challenges did not disappear with the dictators. Too many people still can’t find jobs, and young and growing populations crave a sense of opportunity and self-determination.

“On the economic front, we are zeroing in on small and medium-sized enterprises because they are the growth engines in any economy,” Clinton said. “They create the bulk of new jobs and they spread wealth more broadly through more communities. And when people have the opportunity to unleash their talents and create something of their own, they are more invested in their communities, their countries, and their new democracies.

“So the OECD is helping emerging democracies find ways they can loosen regulations and make it easier to start or expand a small business,”

I mean seriously, she sounds just like Paul Ryan!

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