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Debate Recap: Obama Struggles, Chris Matthews In Tears

Barack Obama, by a pretty broad spectrum of people, is pretty much considered to have lost the debate. Handily. But where did he go wrong exactly? Maybe it starts with his lack of energy:

In fact, according to psychologist Joseph Tecce, who analyzed the debates, Barack Obama was extremely uncomfortable during the debates. (from the Daily via Hot Air)

As The Daily reported earlier this week, Boston College psychophysiologist Joseph Tecce has found that since 1980, the candidate who blinks the least during the televised debates has gone on to win the popular vote. In his preliminary analysis of last night’s debate, Tecce found that Obama lost in a landslide: he blinked an average of about 75 times a minute, compared to 55 times a minute for Mitt Romney.

Apparently, the ending was high on stress for both candidates.

Both candidates seemed to do the most blinking during their concluding statements: Obama, 100 times per minute; Romney, 94. Tecce said this increase is consistent with past findings of elevated blinking during closing remarks.

Tecce also noted — as others have — that Obama showed “frequent gaze avoidance” during last night’s debate, which is often a physiological response to stress.

And you should have seen Chris Mattew’s these past few days. He looks like he’s lost a family member. I’m serious, look at this guy! Here’s what he said on hardball yesterday:

“You know, I’ve got to ask you a personal question about the president. You know I do look up to him in so many ways. When I’m with him I just say to myself, and I do this really objectively, I think, I look at the man, listen to him after he’s briefed us on something and I go, ‘This guy ought to be president. He has the command of the issues. He has scope. He has relevance. He can talk to you as a regular person in common English as opposed to the wonk talk. He has an I.Q. that must be up in the hundred and whatever range, way up there.’ And yet last night, he was tongue-tied. He let the other guy own the room,”

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