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Check the Facts Before You Forward!

David, in a magnificent display of impartiality, called out a chain email going around saying that Barack Obama has issued over 900 executive orders in his term in office, and that most of them allow him to seize the entire economic system and set the population to work in concentration camps. AND BURN BABY SEALS!

The facts, however, don’t line up with the (frankly crazy) accusations. Here’s a record of the executive orders issued in recent history, as David mentioned just a few moments ago (from the national archives):

Barack Obama (2009-Present)
EO’s 13489 – 13623   |   Subject Index

George W. Bush (2001-2009)
EO’s 13198-13488   |   Subject Index

William J. Clinton (1993-2001)
EO’s 12834-13197   |   Subject Index

George Bush (1989-1993)
EO’s 12668-12833

Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)
EO’s 12287-12667

Now it’s going to take a little math (take the little number away from the big number), but I think we can figure out exactly how many orders each of the presidents have issued:

Barack Obama – 134 (4 Years)

George W. Bush – 290 (8 Years)

Bill Clinton – 363 (8 Years)

George Bush – 165 (4 Years)

Ronald Regan – 380 (8 years)

I don’t like Obama either, but don’t you think straight-up lying might be taking it a bit too far?

Now I know you didn’t write this email, but if you forwarded it you’re effectively saying “I support this” and “I think this is true”. Whether you meant it to or not it hurt not only your own reputation, but the credibility of the viewpoint you stand for. We don’t like it when they do it, so neither should we. Always check it for yourself before you forward!

Or, alternatively, just don’t forward chain emails. PLEASE. 


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