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Nat. Gas Compressor Would Not Impact Environment, Lead us Away From Coal

The 100 or so people who cheered wildly when the Luzerne County Zoning Hearing Board denied UGI Energy Services’ application to build a natural gas compressor station in West Wyoming emitted many times more pollution driving back and forth to Wilkes-Barre than the compressor they are so afraid of would have done in the same amount of time.

UGI asked the board for a special zoning exception in West Wyoming so the utility could build a natural gas compressor station in 14-acres woods off Fire Cut Road owned by Joseph Kalinosky.

But the NIBY faction of 100 well-meaning, though misinformed, people who purport to speak for everyone in the West Wyoming area, intimidated the cowardly county zoning board into denying a project that would have been good for everyone and good for the air.

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