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House Passes Bill To Remove Obama’s Anti-Energy Policies

The republicans passed a bill to relieve Obama’s environmental regulations on coal & gas. The bill will never make it through the senate, and Obama has promised a veto should it cross his desk, but as both sides prepare for November, it should prove a powerful political statement.

House Republicans voted Friday to cramp President Barack Obama’s environmental policies in favor of increased coal production, in a parting jab before returning home to campaign. The bill would bar the Environmental Protection Agency from restricting greenhouse gases, quash stricter fuel efficiency standards for cars and give states control over disposal of harmful coal byproducts.

The ‘‘Stop the War on Coal Act,’’ passed on a mainly party-line vote, is a companion to GOP campaign ads accusing Obama and Democrats of costing the U.S. hundreds of thousands of jobs while driving up energy prices. Democrats dismissed the legislation as political theatrics, pointing out that almost all the provisions had already passed in the House.

Nineteen Democrats — mostly from coal-producing and conservative-leaning states — broke ranks to join Republicans in the 233-175 vote. The legislation is dead on arrival in the Democratic-led Senate, and Obama has already threatened a veto should it ever reach his desk.

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