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Free Speech Rights Under Assault

Sometimes, the lines where your rights ends and mine begin can be hard to define. But it doesn’t take a constitutional lawyer to figure out that spray-painting an ad you don’t like is not the same thing as “peaceful protest” as this self-proclaimed “liberal muslim” says. Watch the video below (from the New York Post):

Meanwhile,  the LA Times is reporting that the new president of Egypt has said that he will not support categorical free speech rights, but only speech “that is not used to incite hatred against anyone”. This is not freedom.

Egypt‘s recently elected President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday rejected President Obama‘s view of free speech rights and made plain his ambition to seize greater influence for the Arab world’s most populous country.

Morsi, in his debut speech to the U.N. General Assembly, said Egypt intended to lead the way in resolving Syria’s civil war, pressing the cause of Palestinians and defusing the threat of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

He also said that though his country now embraces democracy and human rights, it would not accept the categorical approach to free speech that Obama urged at theUnited Nations and would not tolerate insults to religion.

“Egypt respects freedom of expression,” he said, but “one that is not used to incite hatred against anyone. One that is not directed toward one specific religion or cult.”


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