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Don’t Be Discouraged By Poll Numbers

Normally, we’d tell you to just ignore the polls, as they are usually inaccurate and can easily be bent to fit a narrative. But since we know you aren’t going to do that, we can’t let the media go on discouraging you with poll after poll. Politico reports that Romney is actually looking very good in the polls with middle-class families:

In early August, with our Republican analysis of the POLITICO-George Washington University Battleground Poll, we wrote “… this election will remain close until the final weeks of the campaign.  There will be ups and downs for both campaigns throughout the next 13 weeks, but the basic dynamics that are driving this electorate and framing this election remain well in place.”   Two conventions, and tens of millions of campaign dollars later, we continue to hold that belief.  While there have been dozens of polls released during the past six weeks that have had Mitt Romney up by as much as 4 points and Barack Obama up by as much 8 or 9, those variations have had more to do with sampling variations than with real movement in the campaign.

Yes, there have been gaffes on both sides that have been the focus of both the news media and opposing campaigns, but the dynamics that have been the real drivers of the campaign, the economy and deeply negative feelings about the direction of the country, have not changed.  There have also been negative stories about the internal operations, messaging and strategy of both presidential campaigns.  In August, leading into the Republican convention, there were multiple stories about the Obama campaign operation and internal fights about both message and strategic direction that led one to believe the wheels were coming off.  Now it is the Romney campaign’s turn.

In addition, most of the poll numbers you get from the media are arbitrarily altered by the pollsters based on how many Republicans & Democrats they think are “likely voters”. Unskewed polls strips out the bias and the polls look even more promising for Romney:

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