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Civil War Forecasted in Spain as Secession Threatens

Spain has always had a serious domestic issue which often evolves into violence. The Basque movement, an openly socialist movement, has already gained a privileged financing system with Spain throughout the Basque and Navarre regions. Today, the Catalonia region of Spain is threatening secession if Spain does not grant similar privileges.

A socialist game of chess has unfolded inside Spain’s northern regions. It’s interesting in the fact that Spain is already, in many ways, a socialist state. But for many, the moderate socialist state of Spain is not enough for the Basque National Liberation Movement.

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) is a terrorist organization formed in the late 50’s. ETA is the main organization and the operational military wing of the Basque National Liberation Movement and is heavily influential throughout northern Spain and southern France. All forms of terror tactics have been incorporated into ETA’s playbook of violence—kidnappings, maiming, bombings, assassinations, etc.

While northern Spain has its issues with the Basque National Liberation Movement, it is critical to understand that its militant arm, ETA, has global reach. Ties between nation states and global terror networks exist.

While ETA’s financing mostly comprises of extortion, it has been known to conduct bank robberies in its early days of operations. But due to its close ties with the former Soviet Union, Cuba, and an array of South American nations—specifically Venezuela, it would be foolish to believe they are not heavily influenced, at times with monetary reward, by these nation states.

Most notable is ETA’s ties with the IRA and its splinter groups along with South American narco-terrorists such as Colombia’s FARC. Knowing such groups have historically worked alongside Muslim terrorists, one could easily speculate with great conviction that ETA has some active or passive ties to the Muslim world as well.

There is good reason why Spain’s military is not taking the recent threat of secession lightly. Catalonia is the new Basque and Navarre region to claim “check” in the Basque National Liberation Movement’s game of chess. Will Spain cater to their demands?

According to some Spanish media reporting, Catalonia is not seeking total sovereignty from Spain. They would like to obtain partial independence similar to how Scotland exists today under Great Britain’s realm.

Spain is one nation facing austere financial hardships throughout Europe—much worse than most European nations. The current move by Catalonia officials has been taken straight out of Sun Tzu’s playbook—deplete the economy first.

Spain’s economy is disastrous. With virtually impossible Basque demands to be met by Spain’s government, it is apparent that violence will unfold in Catalonia. When the Spanish Military Association brings up terminology such as “high treason” to this dilemma, they demonstrate a willingness to impose physical action.

Spain cannot adhere to the recent Catalonia financial demands for such actions will bring Spain to its knees—far worse than the economic blunders Greece faces today. A civil military-police operation will promote a depletion of Spain’s economy as well because such actions need large financial backing. This could truly be the Basque National Liberation Movement’s “check mate.”

Why should any American care about what is unfolding in northern Spain? It wasn’t that long ago when the world witnessed a very large and powerful global network of left wing terrorism. Groups such as the Symbionese Liberation Army, Baader-Meinhof Gang, FALN, Red Brigades, etc., all operated in quasi-unison causing chaos, fear, and disruption in peaceful societies—leaving many killed, injured, and or psychologically debilitated.

Living in a very small world, heavily influenced by the internet, socialist terror movements can and will expand quickly. After several years of fighting Islamic terrorists, these groups have studied both side’s tactics, techniques, and procedures. They have learned and through their learning, they have likely become much more capable today then what they were thirty, forty, or fifty years ago. How soon will the United States witness a new wave of left wing terror emerge inside our own borders?

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