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Biden Misuses Literally In Speech Repeatedly, Kill Me Please (Not Literally)

I used to kind of sort of tolerate Joe Biden. NOT ANY MORE. This man could be the president some day. This man. Who is murdering the English language right in front of my eyes. Ah! the pain!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!

Vice President Joe Biden took the stage last night in an effort to rally the Democratic masses. His goal? To bolster President Barack Obama’s electoral chances (we fact-checked some of his statements earlier this morning). While there were some noteworthy stretches of the truthpresented in his speech, Biden didn’t appear, on the surface, to make any major gaffes — that is, until some journalists watching his address realized that he was misusing the word “literally.”

Yes, literally.

Apparently, Biden improperly used the word numerous times throughout his speech. “Literally,“ which means ”in a literal manner“ or ”exactly“ is regularly confused as meaning ”virtually“ or ”nearly,” The Huffington Post reports. So, when making figurative statements, it’s a poor word to use.

You can watch the painful, painful accursed video below (if you must) (but really, why?) (WHY???????).

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