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Kids Barbecued Because Sunscreen Requires a Doctors Note

Has’t thou not heard the third law decreed by th’ government? Thou shalt BURN!!!

From the blaze

Jesse Michener is outraged after her two daughters returned home from a school field day with what she described as “hurts to look at” sunburns because they weren’t allowed to put on sunscreen.

Michener said it was raining in the morning so she didn’t put sunscreen on the girls before they left, but even if she had, she noted that they would still have had to reapply it at some point.  And there’s the rub– apparently, teachers are not allowed to put sunscreen on students in Washington, and kids can only put it on themselves if they have a doctor’s note.

Michener wrote her own account of what happened on her blog, after explaining that she is particularly irritated because one of her daughters has a documented form of Albinism that makes her extra sensitive to the sun:

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